Teaching Philosophy

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“The flight of the ball tells all.”

Whenever I watch any golfer hit balls, the first thing I look at is the flight of the ball. Is the ball curving from right to left, left to right, or is it pretty straight? Does the trajectory tend to be low, medium, or high?  Does the ball flight change as the clubs get longer or shorter? The second thing I look for in the ball flight is how repeatable it is. Does one shot tend to curve 20 yards to the right and the next one 50 yards to the left?  The flight of the ball is telling me everything that is happening at the point of impact- where the club head meets the ball.

Based on your current ball flight and desired ball flight, factoring in your goals, athletic ability, injuries, time available to practice and play, etc… we will determine what improvements  and what components that need to be  made for you to find the golf swing that is best for you.  My ability to effectively  communicate to the  student why the ball is doing what it is and what needs to be done to improve it in a way that is  easy to understand and comprehend  is the reason why my  students improve as much as they  do.  Once they know what to work on and can get accurate feedback that they are making the desired changes, results will follow and more importantly,  they will begin to be able to coach  themselves.

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