Holiday Specials for golf instruction

  • Par: 30 minute lesson: $60 ($5 savings), junior $45 ($5 savings).
  • Birdie: One hour lesson: $120 ($10 savings), junior $90 ($10 savings).
  • Eagle: Three hours of private lessons with video (can be broken down into half hour, hour, two hour, etc...Increments): $330 ($27.50 savings), junior $255 ($20 savings).
  • Hole in one: Three hours of private lessons, one Short Game School, and one Play with the Pro:$500 ($57.50 savings), junior $425

I hope one of the specials above may be a nice gift for yourself or someone who would like to improve their game. To take advantage of these specials, contact me directly at (858) 254-0889 or  I can email you a holiday gift card for the lesson special you desire so that you may include it in a card. No limit on number of specials purchased, must be purchased by 12/25/13.

(Note: Range balls are not included with the lessons)























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  • Mark Noah Mark Noah
  • Mark Mathiesen Mark Mathiesen
  • Joe Ninosky Joe Ninosky
  • Travis Guthrie Travis Guthrie
  • Jeff Crosby Jeff Crosby
  • Jim Nalls Jim Nalls
  • Katie Pasterkiewicz Katie Pasterkiewicz
  • Serina Bhakta Serina Bhakta
  • Bill Chapman Bill Chapman
  • Chris Olson Chris Olson
  • David Cavanaugh David Cavanaugh
  • Mark Whritner Mark Whritner
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One Day Golf School

Monday, May. 19th
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Saturday, April 12th
8-10 AM
Saturday, May 24th
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Play with the Pro

Wed., April. 23rd
8 AM at Riverwalk
Wed., April. 30th
11 AM at Riverwalk

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