Justin Hicks San Diego Union Tribune

Improve Online!

If you can’t make it out to San Diego and Stadium Golf Center to get help from Justin with your game, you’re not out of luck. Online lessons allow you to email your swing to Justin where he can analyze it and email you back within a day or two with the proper adjustments to help you play your best golf yet.

Each online lesson includes a voiceover, showing video of your swing as well as a comparison to players on the PGA Tour and audio clearly explaining what drills and changes need to be implemented to improve your ball flight. Justin utilizes his over 2800 clips of swings from the PGA, LPGA, and Champions tour players to ensure that you have a clear understanding and picture of the desired improvements.

Costs of online lessons are $40 per analysis.

Getting started

  1. Videotaping your swing. When taping your swing, it is very important to have the camera setup correctly. In terms of shutter speed, the camera should be set at 1/1000 or in the sports setting if there is not a manual shutter speed available. Each swing should only consist of the swing itself and not much time before or after- a typical swing lasts 2 seconds. Please get a close up of your grip as well as one swing from down the line and one from a face on view with a middle iron (5 or 6). If there is a specific club you would like to focus on than capture two swings as well with that club from the down the line and face on view. For the down the line view, the camera should be at least 7 paces back and directly on the target line. Camera should be at chest height and ideally on a tripod so that it does not move. In terms of the face on view, the camera should again be set at chest height and set up perpendicular to the target line.
  2. Once the swings are complete, you simply email them to hicksgolf@gmail.com. In addition to emailing the swings, please provide a brief description of your golfing background as well as what your misses are (fat, thin, slices, pushes, etc…).
  3. Once the swings are received, the normal turnaround is 2-3 days. You will be emailed a voice over showing what changes can be done to improve your ball flight and make it more consistent. When your voice over is received, the student will pay for the lesson.